Natural Handmade Soap / Palm Oil Free

Made in Scotland

The Workshop, Viewfield, 71b Main Road, Cardross, Argyll, G82 5PX


Who is Lomond Soap?


Lomond Soap was started in 2007 by Corrie Smith, looking for an alternative to supermarket soap & shower gels which are drying and full of chemicals.


We tried many oil combinations and made a lot of soap in our trials, we gave it to friends and neighbours to try, their comments and enthusiasm spurred us on.

Once people try our shea butter soap they can see and feel the difference on their skin.


Having grown steadily we opened our shop in Cardross in September 2012, a dedicated place to work and sell our products.

We have a real passion for for making our natural products and would love to show you how they are made.



What's wrong with palm oil?


80% of the worlds palm oil is produced in Malaysia & Indonesia, an ingredient which is in much of what we consume from bread to chocolate to soap.


Vast areas of rain forest are being cleared and burnt to plant palm, destroying the natural habitat of Orangutans and other species.


Orangutans now face serious threat of extinction. Since 1900 their numbers have fallen by 91%. Demand for palm oil continues to soar and by 2050 is expected to be triple that of 2000.

Read more about deforestation in Borneo.


What makes us special?


At Lomond Soap we say NO to all the unnecesary chemicals normally found in soap like foaming agents, chemical hardeners and preservatives.


Our ethos is to make soap that is good for your skin & the planet. Our soap is packed full of vegetable oil goodness, aromatherapy grade essential oils, clays, herbs and flowers.


We give a little back from every soap we sell, raising money for The Orangutan Protection Foundation. So far we've donated over £1700 to help save the Orangutans of Borneo & Malaysia.


Clean body - Clear conscience!

Take a peek inside our

handmade soap shop

Visit our shop in Cardross where you will find our complete range of products and see our soap being made. orangutan friendly, palm free soap, ethical soap, ethical skincare,

"Having tried well-known brands of massed-produced soap for sensitive skin, I looked around for something more natural to ease the irritation of psoriasis. I turned to Lomond Soap’s Goats Milk, Manuka & Calendula because I prefer unscented soap. My skin felt re-hydrated immediately and its protective barrier, resulted in a reduction in both the intensity of colour and size of the scaly, red patches, leaving a smoother surface. I believe these changes to be due to the absence of harsh ingredients and gladly recommend this product. I also commend Lomond Soap for their concern for, and contribution to, the protection of Wild Life."


Catriona from Greenock

What our customers say about our soap..

I can certainly testify that your soap is ace. It keeps going and going. I am still using some I had off you a couple of years ago. Not that it's lasted that long but it certainly keeps well. It's brilliant on my very sensitive skin too.


Joy from Blackpool

Just wanted to thank you for your speedy and efficient service and the quality of the soap is just wonderful. The scent fills my whole bathroom and lingers on my hands for quite some time.


Susanne from Northumberland

It takes a lot for me to notice a product enough to keep buying it, but I have returned again and again to your website.

I now buy all my family's soap here as not only does it give me a clear conscience, but it is the best I have ever used. I am delighted with the new range, and have found the hand cream to be fantastic.

As a doctor, I have to wash my hands up to 20 times per day, and the hand cream has kept my hands lovely and soft, with a gorgeous scent, even now the weather has turned colder.


Clare  from Cheshire

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